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Little Dutch Baby Play Gym Shell - Ocean blue Scandiborn logo

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Unisex Baby Memory Book Etsy logo

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Ocarro 6 Piece Essential Travel System Bundle - Walnut Mamas & Papas logo

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Owlet Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor, Dusty Rose John Lewis

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BabaBing Hub Electric Baby Swing JoJo Maman Bebe


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Effortless gifting for loved ones! Add everything baby needs at the price that you find from the retailers, with no additional fees.

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Whatever you fancy adding to your gift list, all you need is a link.

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Be inspired by our most popular gift requests

With so much choice it can be hard to decide! So we've created a list of popular baby registry gift requests from our parents. The choice is unlimited and we are here to help.

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Tommee Tippee Baby Healthcare and Grooming KitAmazonAmazon logo

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Tempo 3-in-1 Rocker/Bouncer Mamas & PapasMamas & Papas logo

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Baby Carrier Mini Baby BjornBaby Bjorn logo

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Personalised Ivory Hooded Fleece Robe My 1st YearsMy 1st Years logo

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There are no costs to you or your friends and family.

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Zero-Fee cash funds for your registry.

Simply connect your PayPal.Me account to allow your loved ones to contribute cash towards those more expensive items with zero fees. Whether you set a specific goal or prefer an unlimited fund, it's completely up to you.

White nursery room furniture including cot, wardrobe and changing station
Cash Fund
3 Piece Furniture Bundle, Mamas & Papas
£599 Goal £50 contributed

Easy to use
Thank You Manager

We keep track of who has purchased your gift from your baby registry, making it easy to know who to send your thank you cards to.

Joe & Meg

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Harriett Barber

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Emma Hull

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Frequently asked questions

How is Baby Gift List different?

At Baby Gift List, we believe in transparency and fairness for both parents and family / friends. We offer a genuine value by ensuring your loved ones have a stress-free gifting experience.

Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Transparent Pricing: Your friends and family pay the exact price listed on the retailer's website – no hidden fees or markups from us.
  2. Unlimited Choice: Your wishlist isn't restricted to a specific range of items. You have the freedom to choose a product from any online store, all we need is a web address.
  3. Free to Use: Creating and managing your gift list is completely free. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees.
  4. No delays: You can choose to have your friends and family use your address when purchasing from the retailers, or you can opt for them to bring the gift to your baby shower, ensuring you receive your gifts promptly and hassle-free.
  5. No commitments: Start creating your gift list without signing up. You can experiment by adding a couple of gifts, then save your gift list to begin sharing.

With Baby Gift List, both you and your loved ones can enjoy a fair and transparent experience. Create your free gift list today and experience the joy of stress-free gifting!

Baby Gift List sounds great! But how does it work?

You can start building your very own gift list straight away. When you find an item you would like, simply copy the web address (URL) and paste it into our clever gift grabber so it can be added to your list. You are able to do this with as many items as you like.

Once you have made your dream gift list you can start sharing with your friends and family.

Friends and family can then go straight to your list and browse the items you have added. If someone decides to purchase an item, they will be directed to the retailer where they can complete the purchase.

Finally, your friends and family will return to Baby Gift List to confirm their purchase. The purchased gift is then removed from the list, to ensure that you don't receive any duplicates.

Can I add ask for contributions towards the more expensive items?

Absolutely! You can add a custom fund to your registry and allow your friends and family to contribute towards that more expensive item or any other special goal. View our guide on adding a cash fund to your gift list

Can multiple people contribute towards a gift?

This is where a cash fund on your registry comes in handy. Loved ones can contribute any amount they wish to your cash fund. You can then use the collected funds to purchase a specific item on your registry or anything you need for your baby. Find out how to create a custom fund here

How does delivery work for gifts on my registry?

You have the option to either have your loved ones bring their gifts to the baby shower or opt for delivery to your postal address. If you choose delivery, your friends and family simply use your address during the checkout process with the retailer and the item(s) will be sent directly to you.

When are the gifts delivered to our address?

Gifts are sent directly to your address by the chosen retailer as soon as they are purchased by a loved one.

How does Baby Gift List work for friends and family?

Baby Gift List makes it easy for your loved ones to find and purchase gifts you've chosen:

  1. Browsing Your Gift List: They can search for your gift list and explore the items you've selected.
  2. Selecting and Purchasing Gifts: Once a loved one finds a gift they like, they'll be directed to the retailer's website to securely complete their purchase.
  3. After they purchase: After completing their purchase on the retailer's website, they will need to return to your gift list and mark the gift as "Purchased". We make this very clear so don't worry.

Friends and family pay the exact price listed on the retailer's website – there are no hidden fees or markups.

Your loved ones can also choose your preferred delivery method by having the gift shipped directly to your address or bringing the gift along to celebrate with you on your baby shower.

Where do I see the gifts that have been purchased?

You can click on "View list" in your member area and you can see what gifts have been marked as purchased.

If you would like to see who has marked the gift as purchased from your list, you can head over to the "Thank you manager" and click on each loved one to view the gift they have chosen for you.

Will my Baby Gift List expire?

Your Baby Gift List will not expire, but you can choose to delete it and close it permanently. This will, of course, mean that you and your loved ones cannot access it at all.

Alternatively you can hide your gift list from your friends and family by simply toggling the "list open" / "list closed" in the members area.

Is it a bit cheeky sharing a Baby Gift List to our friends and family?

Your loved ones will certainly want to buy a gift for your new bundle of joy! Baby Gift List ensures you receive the items you truly desire and need, avoiding the duplicates and that trip to the shops with your gift receipt.

Sharing your Baby Gift List is completely optional, you could simply use it as a wishlist to compile everything you want for your little one.

Will our friends and family need to create an account?

No, your friends and family will only need to input your unique URL to access your gift list. Once they select a gift to purchase on your list, they will be prompted to complete a small form with their details. This way, you will have the information about who purchased each gift and where to send your thank you cards.

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